Design and Implementation of a web-based Human Population Census System

This is a web-based application which allows respondents tocomplete the census via the internet. It involve the registration process and manage the information stored.... Continue reading »

Payroll and Management System

Payroll management system is a system application that is used by companies to manage the financial aspects of the salary of its employees. This system oversees areas related to payroll, salaries, allowances, deductions, and net pay, as well as generating payslips within a prescribed period.The syst... Continue reading »

Social Application for Photo and Video

Probably you have a community that wants to share the pictures with others, or want to build one. But Instagram is just for personal usage and other social network doesn’t give you same simplenest as it does. With this iOS template, you can build your own photo sharing app with posibility to l... Continue reading »

Electronic Web-based Examination Time Table System

Design and Implementation of an electronic web-based examination time table system... Continue reading »

Design and Implementation of an Online Voting System

This is a PHP web-based project; Online Voting is one of the credible ways to conduct voting in the 21st century, although there are several security threats based on how secure a voting system can be against hackers and other online intruders, well, no system does not have challenges, despite ... Continue reading »

Birth Rate Information System

Child Birth Rate Information System; A PHP and MySQL web-based application. This web-based computer science project has the sole purpose of keeping records of child births and treatments given to newly born babies, it shows graphs and reports from the information of childbirth save in the syste... Continue reading »

Central Library Management System

The project Central Library Management System Facilitates the more security using the Java technologies. The aim of the research work is to develop CENTRAL LIBRARY MANAGEMENT System for issuing BOOKS to students, teachers, by using existing Campus Network infrastructure By Using Advance Technolo... Continue reading »

Online Help System for Consultants and Clients

This system is intended to be used as an online help site .The systems is supposed to create platform for Consultants with various skills to assist clients who need their services . The Admin of the system activates and deactivates the users of the site . Clients submits their queries to consulta... Continue reading »

Student Transcript Processing System

The Student Transcript Processing System is a complete system created using PHP/MYSQL and a Twitter Bootstrap Framework.The System has Administrator SideAdmin FeaturesManage UsersManage FacultiesManage StudentsManage GradesManage DepartmentsManage Roomsand more..User SideView ResultView ProfileThe... Continue reading »

Association Management System

This is a web-based association management system that allows an association to manage its members. The work has three phasePhase 1 FeaturesWebsite InterfaceInformation display for guest visitorsSeveral pages (about us, courses,staff profiles,executives profiles,faqs, and lots more) see navigation.W... Continue reading »

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