LMS - Web Based Student Collaborative Library Management System

LMS - Web Based Student Collaborative Library Management System

LMS is a PHP based web application; A Web Based Student Collaborative Library Management System for students in secondary, undergraduate and post-graduate levels, it ships some fantastic and interesting modules that makes it so simple but really efficient, it has a well built admin interface to allow easy management and control of library-like activities. LMS user interface is built with a very interesting HTML5 front-end interface that makes it really attractive.

Pages/Modules Included: 
  • Welcome/landing page
  • Very Fast and Responsive Advanced Search page
  • Transactions Management module
  • Borrow Book page
  • View Borrowed books
  • View Returned books
  • Login page
  • Admin Dashboard page
  • Admin Book Creation page
  • Admin Book Update page
  • Admin Book/User/Entry delete feature
  • Admin Books catalog page
  • Admin Add User page
  • Admin Manage Users page

LMS is built with great reliance on the very powerful JQuery library, with slick modals, background (asynchronous) requests and responses, also made with visual aid in mind, that is why the FontAwesome library is greatly used in this project. If you buy this mint (i.e source code) now, you will get lifetime mint updates for free.

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