Fields of study that are likely to thrive within the next decade

Fields of study that are likely to thrive within the next decade

Within the next decade, some courses of study are likely to be scrapped out of record in the educational system while introducing a new learning curve to suit convention. Brian Greenberg has pointed out earlier that the real magic in the evolving technology is that it will give educators freedom and license into how school works; not the other way round.

What am I saying? the concurrent innovations in technology has come to stay and guess what it is already doing in the educational system, it is replacing old course of study with new suiting ones while at the same time modifying the way the old ones are being taught. Regrettably, Studies in the educational cadre, particularly project topics in education have recounted negligence to innovations in technology as a setback in education.

So what fields of study are likely to thrive in the next decade

Courses pertaining machine learning and artificial intelligence

While machine learning and artificial intelligence may be a little complicated, challenging and demanding, it has pulled a lot of interest to itself since the period of its inception. Meanwhile, a number of careers will be panning to that direction particularly the tech based ones including computer science, programming, computer engineering, cyber security, machine learning and the lot.

Courses relating  to Information Communications Technology

Obviously, we cannot talk of communication in this era without technology. Infact, it is the quest for enhanced and effective communication that has inspired artificial intelligence. So career courses in information communication technology, mass communication, human communication, development communication etc. are likely to stand the test of time if the learning curve is modified.

Accounting and banking related courses

Those who are or intending to join the banking sector are already feeling the impact of online banking, electronic banking, smart chat box like the ATM, mobile banking, virtual banking and lots more.  As much as technology may relief some of their duties in the future, the banking career cadre particularly in the educational system are likely to adapt to changing technology to meet their market need.

Education related courses

Education courses cannot avert the inventions in technology. From research, many educators have deployed website for school administrative management from admissions to fee payment to result check, course registration and lots more. The use of language laboratories, virtual classes, digital libraries and other online based research is

The above mentioned areas may not be all, a couple and more still exist. Whatever be the case, most learning curves that are seemingly embracing the use of technology are likely to stand the test of time. This is because the system of education is drifting away from mere teaching to learning. As a student, it is advisable to choose courses that will be viable anytime in the future.